New Space for GCS!

Feb 23, 2015


GCS Worship Space.JPG

We’ve moved!  I posted in January that Grace Church Spokane was close to securing a more permanent space.  As of February 1 we accepted New Vision Church’s invitation to share space with them and to see what we can do together as grace-filled churches committed to serving the nations in Spokane.  We were privileged to join with New Vision last Thanksgiving for a joint night of worship along with a Karen (A tribe from Burma) church and a Nepali church.  The Karen church will be joining us starting in March in New Vision’s space as well, so there is excitement in the air!

Doug Wagley and the New Vision leadership team have graciously given us the 11 am “primetime” meeting slot on Sunday mornings, and now that we don’t have to set our entire sound system up every week either... we get to arrive

Fireside Room.JPGa bit later in the morning!  This later start time will make it easier for those who take the bus to make it to our meetings.  There’s a bus stop literally right in front of the building too, which is convenient!

One of my favorite things about this new schedule is that we can have strategic time to pray together before the meeting begins.  There is nothing that builds momentum like praying together as a team and as a family!  If you consider Grace Church Spokane your church home, you’re invited to join us for a strong burst of prayer from 10:30-10:45!  At 10:45 we’ll transition into the auditorium as we also join in welcoming the guests that are arriving to worship with us.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be making some minor lighting changes, working out sound in the new room, and figuring out how best to use the space God has graciously provided for us.  We are grateful for the way He constantly surprises us as we endeavor to follow His lead for Grace Church Spokane.  Here’s to the next phase of our life and service together!