The Sons Are Free

May 01, 2014

"What do you think, Simon?" said Jesus.  "From whom do the kings of earth take tolls or taxes?  From their sons or from others?"

Peter answered briefly, "From others."

Jesus' responded almost as briefly, and yet with the depth of meaning so characteristic of his words, "Then the sons are free."

The sons are free, declares Jesus.  They owe no debt to their father, the king.  Coming from the Son of God, this gives great insight into Jesus' own motivations, and also reveals his intent for the way we live life too.  Jesus wasn't working to earn his Father's approval; he already had it, and so he enjoyed a very healthy father-son relationship.  When we put our faith in Jesus we too are given the right to be called sons of God.  We are now co-heirs with Christ Jesus, and we are a very real part of the royal family of God, accepted and loved just as Jesus is!  Because of Jesus' sacrifice of his own life on our behalf, the alienating, impossible-to-repay debt that we owed as sinners has been completely paid and we have been adopted as sons and daughters of God!

What does it mean then to be "free" as sons?  It means quite simply that we never again have to pay our way to earn God's favor.  Jesus has already done that!  It means we serve him from a relationship of acceptance, confident trust, and love rather than working to maintain the royal favor.  Favor is already ours in Christ!  Our lives can be lived from a place of bold rest, knowing where we stand with our Father.  In Christ, and because of Christ, we are sons and we are free.  Period.  

What if we lived out of this identity?  What if a community of believers lived their lives together from this identity?  What if we served our communities and cities from this relationship of freedom?  We could live, love, and serve as sons and daughters rather than workers trying to earn a promotion.  This kind of life is sustainable!  This kind of love is contagious!  

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