Grace Church Spokane is a new church in Spokane with a vision to serve, connect, and empower the people of Spokane and beyond.

Mission Statement:  (Why we are here)

Grace Church exists to glorify God as we enjoy and serve Him, each other, our city and the nations of the world.

Vision:  (What we hope to become in Spokane)

We desire to be a come-as-you-are, welcoming community offering a fresh challenge to live life to its fullest purpose found in Jesus Christ.   We purpose to develop passionate worshipers of Jesus who continually grow in grace, truth, gifting and service to God and to people.  We aim to be a missional community where every member is involved in making disciples of Jesus.  We envision young and old of various socio-economic backgrounds committing together to plant churches and extend the kingdom of God together in the neighborhoods of Spokane and in other cities and nations.

Culture:  (What you can expect to find here)

Grace Church is designed around living life together and serving the neighborhoods of Spokane rather than existing primarily for formal meetings.  We welcome anyone to partner in what God is doing in us and through us in Spokane, and we purposefully design our atmosphere with families and students in mind.  When we all meet together, our gratefulness and joy because of salvation through Jesus are voiced through a progressive musical sound, where everyone is encouraged to participate and contribute.  Our method of communication will be culturally relevant to the young Northwest US, and the central message of both our music and teaching will be the historically rich and sound doctrine of the grace of God extended to us through Jesus Christ.  Since we recognize that God has been moving long before we arrived on the Spokane scene, we embrace the history of the church in this city as well as through the centuries, learning from it and building on that history as we release a new generation to live for God’s glory today.  Finally, as true Northwestern people we often enjoy being powered by intense brews of coffee and technology; more importantly, we are a Spirit-filled community, expecting and embracing the active presence and power of God with us.